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Facebook business pages have noticed a drop in their organic interactions over the past couple of years. Although Facebook itself hasn’t released a statement concerning the drop but experts from the digital media have given accurate explanations. They put forth two explanations; the first one concerns the amount of ad posted in the site and for the second, they cite the evolution of the Facebook newsfeed.

The primary need for Facebook users is to see content that is relevant to them and to increase the on-site time, that is exactly what the Facebook newsfeed changes are aimed at. Let’s explore this point in a little detail.

Changes in Facebook’s Newsfeed
The recent changes in Facebook’s algorithm prioritize the content posted by friends, family, and acquaintances over marketing banners. To businesses, it is an opportunity to provide more relevant and specific brand stories that touch your prospective audience personally.

How does the Facebook newsfeed algorithm work?
In the old days, the Facebook algorithm only acted about who the content posters were and the level of their relationship’s intimacy with the reader. But with the advancement in artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Facebook newsfeed is more targeted for the users. Among other things, it takes into account the time you spend interacting a particular type of post to provide you with more of them in the future.

The changes affecting the Facebook organic search
During the last two years, curating the Facebook newsfeed has been one of the prime focuses of Facebook as a whole. Following the attempts to influence the US 2016 elections and with the revelation of the misuse of customer data by the likes of Cambridge Analytica, Facebook is setting new preferences for listing premium content. It takes into account the level of engagement and the number of users who liked, commented, and shared the content.

What’s the ROI on the paid content?
Facebook is simply too big to ignore for a business of any size. Regardless of the specifics of your target audience, a huge part of them spend their time on the social site. Even as the organic engagement has declined, having a clear and workable strategy remain a promising avenue for businesses looking to reach new horizons. Through tools such as marketing tracking, you can curate your content to customers’ specifics and monitor and create reports on their interactions.

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