PUBG – Leading Gaming App of Today’s Era

“Headshot, Cover Him, I Got the Supplies”

Yes!! It’s PUBG. A game which is ruling in the market by its astonished features and functionalities. It allows users to enter in the battlegrounds with their team of four players, and their aim is that they can knock out every single opponent to achieve the title of Chicken Nugget. It was cooperated by the South Korean video game Company name as Bluehole. After launching the game, people become addicted to it. From East to South, North to West, all the youngsters even the adults, fall in love with its perfection, graphics, functions, and more.

Reports According to the report of Royale Pass, PUBG has generated more than $22 million after its launching.

As per a report of the Sensor Tower, the PUBG has made more than the $30 million and an average amount spent per day is around $650,000.
Finally, the well-known Company known as Business Insider published a report that the PUBG game has made approximately $390 million within a period of six months.

The figures are amazing and why it should not? The game was developed by the amazing ideas with a remarkable workforce.

A game starts by jumping from the aircraft to find the weapons. Whether you’re on a beginner level or on a professional, your player can jump from the aircraft without having a single weapon.

Moreover, the developers have strived hard to make every single thing in this to base on reality. Like, if you’re driving a car, riding a boat or motorcycle, on the left side of a screen you can see the remaining fuel of your vehicle.

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