PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode: Get Ready to Enter in the Zombie World

Yes, the time has come. By the collaboration of the Tencent and RE Games, PUBG is launching a limited time period event – PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode. The update is offering its users to get the battle with Zombies. Unfortunately, this mode will not be last longer.

As per the reports, an update will launch in the market on 19 February 2019.

  • The Zombie Mode will not last long as it is for the limited time period.
  • The users who have ever played a Residential Evil 2 will get friendly with this update.

Only a 2 months ago, when Tencent Games have decided to collaborate with the RE Games for launching the Zombie Mode in PUBG Mobile. The update brings an unabashed joy to all of the users that love to shoot zombies. After a huge wait, finally, a PUBG Mobile is releasing the Zombie mode on 19 February 2019. Moreover, the Tencent Games have already placed their servers in a maintenance mode. In comparison with the PC version, the Zombie mode is more horrifying in smartphones.

It’s almost one month ago when the zombie mode has come to PUBG Mobile’s version. Since then, it has impatient the audience what the upcoming update will bring to them. As we all know that the PUBG Mobile is being used enormously, and a game is generating more than $600,000 a day.

Are you thinking that snatching a Chicken Dinner will be easy in zombie mode?

Well, it won’t.

The Zombie mode update 0.11.0 does not only contains the normal stuff, but it is a bit modified to like,

  • Zombies can run faster than you.
  • They can also attack your player with green shining material.
  • When the game can deliver night visual graphics, a Zombie squad can start finding your man and try to cover you from all the sides as possible.

Zombie Mode in PUBG Mobile is the most challenging update even if you’re an expert player. As your player can land on the ground to gather the weapons, the zombies will start to run towards your man – so, you must have to offer the quick action to save your man, and an only way to escape from them is to shoot them down. However, you have to face a couple of zombies whenever you will land in the “Zombie Boss Attack Area.”

Moreover, the timer will be given below, as it can reach to the zero, the environment will start to turn into the dark and misty – it is the time when zombies will get more active and their squad will start to run towards you to kill.
If you’ve ever played the Resident Evil game before then PUBG’s 0.11.0 update will be familiar to you. Well, the developers have also made few stages in zombies, like, the learner zombies were quite easy to kill, whereas the Boss Zombies is required for on-spot action and strategy.

Do you know what the worst thing about this update is?
It is for a limited time period. Yes, the Zombie Mode will not always feature in PUBG for a lifetime, as it is only launched to entertain the users in a more meaningful and unique way. Well, just place this worst thing besides you, and update your PUBG now to knock down the zombies.

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