Trends to Follow in 2019 – Social Media

The nature of social media marketing (SMM) is constantly growing – who would have imagined a decade before that we would have walked away from conventional marketing practices and concentrated all our works on the internet as well as digital campaigns?

Fast-advancing to 2018, and the social media is at the lead of all big marketing ideas, with a bulk of funding moving into influencer charges. But, what served in 2018 (and the times’ are then) won’t fundamentally run in 2019.

To persist ahead of the slider and keep a powerful social appearance, consider choosing specific top social media drifts that will be at the core of marketing plans in 2019.


  1. Visual Content

Visual content has remained on the advance over the last few of years, and it’s not performing to decrease down whatever time soon. With a greater engagement flow on the photo and visual distribution tools such as Facebook, and Instagram labels are propelling away from a text-first path and rather are concentrating on visual content alternatively.


  1. Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming has just started, and it’s simply continuing to increase in 2019. Inevitably, a top social media agency in Pakistan says that it’s ‘performing to be a $67.2 billion market by 2021’. Therefore, with no indications of reducing down, it’s essential to know how video streaming live is so successful.


The users of social media require real-time entrance; they expect to view behind the displays, look day-to-day exercises and see live programming only as it’s passing. The concern of dropping out drives improved traffic to those clips, making numerous companies take onto the market – it is way above the last year social programs like Facebook, Instagram,  and YouTube have chosen this live streaming feature, which was initially created by a Snapchat.

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