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For all your gaming and software solutions, Xperatech is your one-stop solution. Over the years, we have hired some of the best game developing talent in the market and have put leading tools from the gaming industry at their disposal. It has not only helped us take on mega projects, but has led to innovation in the industry. Our creativity and quality workforce has made us the top game development Company in UAE.


Leading Gaming Company

Our professionals with years of experience in this market have been able to accurately predict the next trends of the market, which has helped us be better prepared to offer the right kind of advice to our clients. This foresight into the oncoming fads and trends puts Xperatech neck to neck to some of the leading gaming companies on the planet. As we continue to expand and invest in tools and resources that are available to only a few, Xperatech is set to become the leading game development company in UAE. With our ever-increasing list of clients, we have worked on more kinds of gaming projects than most companies in the market today.


Loaded with Latest Technology

 Xperatech has been in business for years now with no signs of slowing down. Whether it is the augmented reality or virtual reality, Xperatech is deeply immersed into the latest technological developments in the gaming arena. Already having developed hundreds of games, we know and understand the need of the clients better than anyone in the industry today and can thus offer solutions that are tailor-made for their projects.

Make the Unique Games

After receiving a project, our team of experts gets together and studies the project from a number of perspectives to devise a strategy to be followed to deliver on the project. Once we have agreed, we then look to be creative to offer features and functions that have not yet been introduced in the market so our clients’ gaming apps and software stand out from the rest and exhibit the uniqueness that will make them the next household name in the world gaming.

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