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Video Animation

Xperatech believes that the video has the power to attract the customers towards your brand, and educate them what you’re offering and how it can assist them in the terms. We have a highly expert and innovative animator that has strived hard and made us to become the top video animation Company in UAE. Whether you want the 2D animation, 3D animation or others, we do all. Moreover, through the quality and meaning drive animation, the chances of generating the revenue can grow.

video animation

2D Animation

Regardless of your niche or specialty, if you have a groundbreaking idea, there is no better way to express than through 2D animation videos. Using a 2D animation video, you can present intricate ideas simply so that you can curate your idea presentation for audiences that might not have the technical knowledge. This is not exactly dumbing down of remarkable ideas. When you have an adequate medium to explain something clearly, the impact you create is bigger than anything you ever imagined. So put your best ideas out there using 2D animation.

video animation

Logo Animation

Before your customers have a chance to try your services, they visit your website, or explore what you have to offer, they look at your logo. If your business logo reflects the values you stand for, you would receive like-minded audience that is not only willing to purchase from you but does so out of trust in you. Nothing incentivizes long-lasting relationship than trust. So whether you are trying to inspire a movement or set up a business, logo animation is indispensable regardless of the aims and size of your organization. Moreover, we create both kinds of logo animations, the 2D and 3D that help your brand to deliver the positive image among an audience.

video animation

Explainer Videos

It is not just the type and volume of information we receive these days that has changed, the way we consume information has also gone through changes. No longer does an ad in the newspaper capture our attention the way it used to. Our senses need a bit more stimulation to process huge volumes of information that are dumped on us every day. Xperatech, a top video animation Company in UAE can help you create your message and the medium to deliver messages to your audience in a way that incentives willful reception rather than forceful feeding.

video animation


Your audience lives as busy a life as you do. Just like how you want to focus on the important bits and leave out the frivolous content, your audience wants to do the same. In the age of information overflow, it is easy to overwhelm your audience with information they don’t need. Introducing typography! Xperatech can help you use pertinent snippets to create typography that your audience can save on their phones for future viewing. With vibrant colors and professional design, offer your audience the information they seek in a way they like.

white board animation

Whiteboard Animation

Want to keep things simple yet deliver adequate information about your products and services? There are few better options than a whiteboard animation. Still one of the most popular marketing methods out there, whiteboard animation can be used to inspire the audience, prompt and action, or explain how a particular product works without complicating things too much. Xperatech has some of the best designers in the market that can help you curate your message so it resonates with the audience you are trying to reach.

video animation


The days are gone, when people used to read the entire content to acknowledge what the services a firm is offering them. Now they want something interesting, something that can simply drive the meaning, and it is what we do for customers. We can create a meaningful infographic that can simply define your brand’s products and services.

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