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WordPress hosts some of the biggest websites on the Internet. Due to its’ glorious 15-year history, WordPress has become a convenient option for small-scale websites as well as personal blogs. Due to its’ popularity and ease of use, a lot of our clients ask us to develop WordPress websites. Our WordPress development Company in UAE works on daily basis and recognizes the ins and outs of this platform. We don’t just work with WordPress websites, plugins also make up a bulk of our WordPress-related projects. Xperatech remains a top WordPress developer after having served dozens of clients. It has earned us trust and a reputation for being reliable and technically thorough.

Wordpress Development


Due to its’ ease of use and limitless functionality, it is possible to change your website pretty much everyday. WordPress has a range of available themes that you can select and customize in a few clicks. It doesn’t require technological background or knowledge thereof. Through customization, you have the option of refining the pre-set themes. But if you have a bit designing experience or take an online course to learn basic designing, you can even create a theme yourself and apply it to your WordPress website.

Wordpress Development

Number of Themes

You can select themes to match the occasion whether it’s Christmas, Eid, Halloween, New Year, Summer, and so on. Rather than rely on a professional to implement the desired changes, you can make the changes yourself. If you would like to hand your site over to us, we can take care of everything from SEO to content to website design. On top of that, based on your goals for the website, we can plug-ins that helps you achieve those goals.

Wordpress Development

The Security of WordPress

As top WordPress development Company in UAE, we provide a range of services with regards to WordPress. For our clients with more specified goals, we can install and even build plug-in that help them achieve their goals be they professional or personal. We have earned the reputation of being reliable and trustworthy, which we take very seriously. Every project we receive, we strive to satisfy our clients’ requirements with full vigor and utmost commitment.

wordpress development

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